Philippe Wavrer

February 2016

When I joined Caspeo, after spending twenty years with another company, I was offered the opportunity to take a 20-hour English course. While comprehension and writing presented me with few problems, I had to admit that speaking English required a serious “dusting off” of my school knowledge.
Together with a colleague from Caspeo, we formed a group of two people with a similar level. My needs were perfectly taken into account by FormationLangues. Our instructor was able to build an adapted, progressive and comprehensive program that allowed me, at the end of the module, to reach my objectives.
A second module, followed one year later in the same conditions (same group, same instructor), allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the previous year and to progress in my command of the English language and its subtleties.
At the end of these two 20-hour modules, I felt that the training course had helped me to (re)gain confidence in my oral expression in English, in a pleasant, studious and always good-humoured working environment.